Sessions / Cost

Entering Counselling will be a new experience, and you may find it helpful to consider these points:

  • People seeking counselling can be referred by their GP or other concerned professional, or may make contact directly themselves.
  • An initial appointment will be offered, hopefully within a week. This is an introductory meeting, lasting about one hour, providing opportunity to meet and begin to share and explore current difficulties and concerns. It also offers the opportunity jointly to assess, whether counselling may be indicated at this time; or whether some other form of help would be appropriate.
  • Where appropriate, counselling will be offered to you. This is an important step in anyone's life. After careful discussion together, if we feel that this would not be appropriate at the moment, other forms of help can be considered and discussed together, and a next step identified.
  • Clients will usually arrange to attend for one session per week, this will, if possible, be arranged for the same time each week. This regularity may hopefully enhance the experience of emotional containment and 'holding'. I am also able to offer appointments on a flexible basis, rather than a regular time each week, to accommodate your particular needs. I can sometimes offer appointments in the evening. The sessions last for fifty minutes approx.

You may make an appointment by telephoning Olive on 045 524590 or 087-7589722 or by email: Your first appointment will last one hour. Subsequent consultations will last 50 mins. approximately and fees will be negotiable.